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Public School Choice 3.0
What is it?  Why should I care?  How does it affect my family? Can I help? 

What is it? 
Public Schools Choice 3.0 started with the Federal “No Child Left Behind Act”.  Los Angeles Unified School District decided there is a need to improve student performance at specific schools through the Public School Choice Resolution, also known as PSC.    

The governance of the “focus schools” have been opened to any individual or group who wishes to create a new school plan that will improve the performance of the students who attend that school.  

Gage Middle School has been identified as one of the “focus schools”.  The administration and teachers at Gage have joined together and are writing a plan to improve the performance of the students who attend Gage.  

Why is it important to me? 
Right now Gage teachers and administrators are meeting every week, working together to create a "new" Gage.  The plan proposes dividing the school into 4 small academies, creating smaller schools within the “original” Gage Middle School.  Each academy will have its own staff, teachers and students.  Although the students will share some facilities like the lunch area and the physical education area, students will be grouped with other students from their own academy.  Each academy will have a different focus or special interest.

Because we all want our children to get the most out of their education, several research-based learning tools will be used in all academies.  These learning tools include study skills, note-taking skills and college-preparatory skills, which will be used in every classroom.

How does it affect my family?
Your child will be a part of the new school plan, which begins in September of 2012.  The 2011-2012 school year is scheduled to be the last year-round calendar that Gage follows, and Gage will reopen its doors in September of 2012 as the “new” Gage with a single track.  This means that if your child is in Gage’s neighborhood you will get to choose which of the new academies he or she will attend!

Can I help?
Yes!  Gage is asking for parents and community members to be a part of the process that determines what the “new” Gage looks like.  We are looking for parents to be involved in every stage of the process, starting with one-on-one connections between Gage faculty and staff and Gage parents. 

In the coming weeks and months we will be telling Gage parents how they can become involved.  We plan to have meetings at Gage Middle School but also in your neighbor’s homes (or your home!) at times that fit your needs.  We are excited to be partnering with you in creating a new learning environment for your children!  
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